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Author and Illustrator

Aruna M. Lepore

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Peanut the Penguin is my first published children's picture book.

What sets it apart? Well, nice of you to ask.

I like to think of this book as a throwback to the era of "storybooks" before digital graphics existed, and when illustrations were hand-painted.

Peanut the Penguin is a fully-scripted story, with paragraphs and all, written for children from 3 years to 8 years old to enjoy.

With every turn, there are colorful, full-page, hand-painted images, much like the cover here.

That's a lot of "fulls"!

The story is about little Peanut finding a way to solve the problem of sharing his unique talent with the other more conventional penguins.

It's a feel-good story that encompasses family unity, perseverance, and the inevitable frustration of a youngster trying to solve a problem.


Peanut the Penguin has been a most delightful experience from the first word that I wrote, to the last brush stroke that I painted.


I hope that you enjoy the book as much as I enjoyed telling the story of Peanut.


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Lepore has crafted a delightful tale about this little penguin’s journey to discover how to share his gift. Her illustrations are hand painted, looking a bit like oil pastels, and are vivid and vibrant. They also have a cartoonish feel to them that children will enjoy. It was very cute and visually appealing.

Daniele Kasper
REEDSY Discovery

This heartwarming story will not only inspire young readers to be true to themselves but will also encourage them to celebrate the qualities that make each of us unique. Peanut the Penguin would be a wonderful addition to any library.  My class and I fell in love with Peanut, and you will too!

Christina C.
1st Grade Teacher

The entire story exemplifies sensitive parenting, and teaches so many important lessons to parents, children and the wider society. The spirit of compromise.  How to derive a win-win result from a situation that may have suggested otherwise. I could go on and on! The illustrations are endearing!

Kailash-Kaur Bedi

TV/Radio Producer & Presenter

Tina Hudak
Consulting Librarian
University of Maryland


The story displays affection, family togetherness, children's obedience and an excitement to learn how it ended. The background scenes will also appeal to children.

Sheila M. 


and Grandmother of two

Using  many of the traditional picture book design components, akin to the “Little Golden Books” series, the text often stands alone but at times is integrated with Lepore’s pictures that fill a page. 

Let this story of Peanut the Penguin and his love for singing reach the ears of children everywhere!

Doris Brown L.
Retired Elementary School Teacher
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Hello, and thank you for visiting my site!! To learn more about me, please tap on the "About The Author" tab.

Briefly, I am originally from the island of Trinidad in the Caribbean, and I became a US citizen after marrying a handsome, intelligent guy whom I met while getting a degree in Miami, FL. Together, we have the two most amazing children, and the two most cuddly cats that we adopted in South Africa (yes, we have moved around a bit). I enjoy writing and painting, and I especially love reading to kids. When I'm not doing any of those, I exercise and love a glass of wine with friends. I'm still attached to my home country and proud of the culture in which I was raised...multi-ethnic, vibrant and musical (think Carnival). You will see the influence of color in my book's paintings. I am excited to publish my first children's book, Peanut the Penguin, which I both wrote and illustrated.  I am confident that you and your children will love its tender story and colorful images. It's very exciting to share this book with you! I plan to make this the first of many.

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