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MBA and every intention of running a family business. Things don't always go how you may have foreseen. How my life evolved from a business career to an award-winning children's book author. How motherhood played a major part, both my mother and my being a mother. AND WHY YOU SHOULD FOLLOW YOUR SPARK AND MAKE IT SHINE...

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First Time Mum's Chat is a podcast from the wonderful baby massage instructor, Helen Thompson from beautiful Tasmania. She and I chatted about 1st (and 2nd!) time mums who were unprepared for the sleepless nights after baby was born, and for some months and even years after. Link to listen in:

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I am a firm believer in teaching children from an early age to have compassion for every living thing. My own circumstances in life shaped my beliefs. I may not be the perfect parent, but I do have some fundamental advice on how to add value to kids' outlook on everyone and everything, starting with empathy. I will write a blog on this later, but in the meantime, take a listen to the podcast Going North with Dom Brightmon, where I explain to him more on all this.

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