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MY HOME, AGAIN - Fall Writing Frenzy

Thank you to @kaitlynleann17 and @LydiaLukidis for creating an opportunity for authors to express themselves outside of their normal works. Here is my entry, I hope you enjoy!

My Home, Again

It looked the same. It smelled the same. But it was not. So… what was different about it? The walls seemed thinner, the shadows were darker, and the silence was eerie and unfamiliar. I sensed it, like an unwelcome feeling creeping up my body. This was not my home. Not this shell, bereft of all that gave it life.

I did not want to be here now. Where once I skipped along sounds of song, of laughter, of raucous yet beautiful commotion, there was nothing but a long, desolate and deserted road.

Nothing. Nothing.

Who does that make me now? A person with no past? With no future?

Keep calm, I tell myself. What I endure now by sight, those before me have endured by pain. I did not make this village, nor did I break it.

But I am here, in the present. And this, this here, was my home. No. This here is my home. And this will be my home, again. I will mend the walls. I will unveil the darkness. I will make this a village again. It will be my village. It will be our village.

And I start toward the light.

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