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Marble Surface
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  • Writer's pictureAruna M. Lepore

I am very excited to participate in this year's #FallWritingFrenzy hosted by @KaitlynLeann17 @LydiaLukidis @Ms_Holliday93. What a great way to support other authors in a creative andfun way!

Here is my entry for the photo I selected!

The Road Ahead

Fall- Credit: Julia Solonina / Unsplash

“Stop,” whispered the old woman, her feeble voice languished with age.

Her faithful companion locked her wheelchair in place, and listened.

“It’s still here. This was ours,” she murmured. “Still the same.”

“Ma’am, this was your house?” asked her companion, curiously. “If I may, this is a chapel.”

“Yes.” There was silence. A light wind blew, and the newly fallen leaves gently grazed the narrow road ahead. The companion adjusted the old woman’s shawl and glimpsed a tear rolling down her wrinkled cheek.


“Yes. This is the spot where I met him. The chapel where we wed. The special place we would return to, just to sit and talk. And it is here that…” her voice trembled and faded.

Her companion held her hand and tenderly blotted her tears. She studied the old lady’s face and envisioned the beauty that once lay behind the weathered creases. She imagined that each line crossing her now frail shell evolved with each passing, lonely year since her love left her side.

The old woman placed her shivery hand over her companion’s warm one, and nodded. “Thank you, dear.” She took a long, deep, withered breath and whispered, “I am ready to go.”

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  • Writer's pictureAruna M. Lepore

My first day in my new job as teacher's aide for the cutest little ones. And boy, were they cute. I've always had respect for teachers, but today I have a totally new one!

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